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Boltby Trekking & Trail Riding Centre
Boltby Thirsk North Yorkshire YO7 2DY Tel 01845 537392


Two Day Ride - typical itinerary 


Arrive at Boltby Trekking & Trail Riding Centre at 9.30am. Your overnight bag will be put into a vehicle, to be delivered to your B&B for the night . The horses will be all ready to set off so we will allocate you a horse to start with.

It is possible throughout the two days to change onto different horses , or if you are happy with what you are riding then that is fine too.

Set off time normally 10am and we will ride for approximately two hours before stopping for a picnic lunch ( please bring this with you in something that you can easily carry whilst riding ).

After lunch we will set off again , mostly riding on bridleways and we will arrive at the B&B stop between 4 and 5pm. The horses are turned out in a paddock to eat for the night, they will be nearby.

There will be plenty of time to relax and freshen up before your evening meal. If the overnight accommodation does not provide an evening meal we will take you to a nearby establishment (pre-booked ) for your night out.

Boltby looking towards North York Moors


Breakfast is normally 8.30am , then you pack up your gear and get your bags ready to be picked up again .

The horses will need grooming and tacking up, you can help if you wish or we will do it all for you. Leave the B&B at 10am and then set off on an alternative route home .

Similar riding times to the first day, lunch stops depend on the route taken on your particular ride. There are a number of alternatives. We should arrive back at Boltby around 4 to 4.30pm.

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